Lost Baggage Insurance Policies

If you are travelling abroad, lost or delayed baggage could be an expensive affair. Even buying basic clothes, shoes, charger, toiletries etc for a day would be much more expensive than here in India. It’s thus important to have adequate insurance cover for your luggage before leaving the country. How to buy a lost baggage […]

Travel Insurance for Spain Visa

If you are visiting Spain or any other Schengen country, you need a travel insurance before you apply for the Visa. You need to submit a copy of the travel insurance policy along with the Spain Visa Application Form in India. However, before you purchase a travel insurance for Spain, please consider the following important […]

Benefits of Travel Insurance

We always look forward to our holidays. Planning, shopping and preparations often begin long before the journey. Hence it becomes important to ensure that everything is planned well so that we don’t end up with a spoiled holiday. And for things that are beyond our control, there is travel insurance. One of the most popular […]