Add luxury to your religious trip

Suite at Hotel Radisson Blu, Amritsar

Not too long ago, religious tourism was the only major tourism in India. School holidays in summers meant a trip to a religious place, or at most a hill station would be added to the trip to 7 holy places.

Then came the wave of cheap air-tickets, luxury hotels and the Indian obsession with beaches. But it failed to have any impact on the holy tourism. However, one good thing happened that was totally unexpected. In the past decade, cities with the hand of God on their heads, became attractive propositions for hotel chains. And today we have same brands that run the busiest casinos in Las Vegas, advertising free trip to the Golden Temple in Amritsar. Luckily for travelers this mean that no more calling dharamshalas or adjusting with no-service hotels. Just like any tourist destination, your trip to a religious place can be the luxurious affair your hard earned holidays deserve.

You can search for luxurious hotels in holy places here.

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