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So what's included in your resort plan?

So what’s included in your resort plan?

Are you looking to book the perfect holiday package but not sure on what would be the perfect option for you? There are 4 boards to choose from. Each differs based on the meals included in the plan. What you pick would depend on how you choose to spend your holiday. And don’t forget to check with your hotel or resort before booking. They might have different packages or list of inclusions.


B&B, or Bed and Breakfast, is the simplest and most easily available option. As the name suggests, only breakfast is included in the plan.

This option is perfect if you plan to spend the entire day outside the hotel, exploring the local cuisines, tourist attractions and the local way of life. You can have a heavy breakfast at the hotel and then hunt for local restaurants for lunch and dinner. You can always eat at the hotel, though you will have to pay extra for that.

B&B might prove to be disadvantage in case the destination you’re visiting is expensive. The lunch and dinner might add unfavorably to the already high costs.


If you wish to venture out of the hotel, but still want to come back in the evening and relax at the hotel, you should pick this option.

Half-board includes breakfast and dinner, but no lunch. Any food or drink outside of these meal times would cost extra. Like in B&B, it might prove to be a slight disadvantage in case your holiday location is on the expensive side.


In the Full board option, all the meals in the day are paid for as part of the package. Breakfast, lunch & dinner are included in the price, but any snacks or drinks will be chargeable over and above.

This option is ideal if you plan to just relax in the hotel all day or will go out only for shorter periods of time, flexible enough to return at meal times. It is also suitable for those who eat at fixed hours of the day and don’t want to be bothered with hunting for restaurant options outside of the hotel.

All Inclusive

This board means that all drinks and meals enjoyed at the hotel are free. In most places, only locally produced alcoholic beverages are included in this plan and imported ones are to be paid for as per consumption, but you might want to confirm with your hotel before booking.

Though the initial price is expensive, it might work out cheaper if you wish to consume alcohol and if you like meals at any hour of the day. If your holiday plan is made of only relaxing at the hotel and by the pool, this option is custom-made for you.

No matter how you pay for your meals, enjoy your holiday and have a Happy Journey 🙂