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Heli-Taxi services are now available in Himachal Pradesh too

The breathtaking beauty of Himachal Pradesh just became a little more interesting. Beautiful hills, trees and rivers of Himachal were already good enough to thrill any tourist, and now the option to see them all together. Recently launched Heli-Taxi Services in Himachal Pradesh is more about enjoying the view than saving time. Of course it does take you to your destination faster, but the beautiful scenery you get to see is worth treasures for.

Heli-Taxi Services can be booked through the following companies:

1. Shiva Heli Services. Mobile: +91-9814042482

Routes: Manali-Bhunter-Manali, Manali-Rohtang Pass-Manali, Manali Valley Ferry (Joyride)

2. Simm Samm Airways Pvt. Ltd. Mobile: +91-9218620213. Phone: +91-22-22926866

Routes: Kullu-Manali, Manali-Koksar, Manali-Sissu, Manali-Tandi (DIET), Tandi-Udaipur, Udaipur-Killar