We have all seen ‘Club Level’ tags on elevators, on booking pages and hotel websites. So what exactly are Club Rooms or Club Level and how exactly are they different from other standard, superior or deluxe rooms? Let’s find out.

Club Rooms

Although the benefits may vary from hotel to hotel, these are some of the added benefits you can expect at a club room vs standard room.

  • Rooms: Higher floors with better views.
  • Free Food and drinks at Club Lounge: Free breakfast, evening cocktails and meal, snacks and tea/coffee throughout the day. This alone could be worth the cost.
  • Club Lounge or Executive Lounge: A desk to work and a place to meet people.
  • Laundry: 2-4 pieces per day. You can travel light đŸ˜€
  • Stay Hydrated: Some hotels throw in free water bottles and juices as well.
  • Exclusive Pool: Some hotels even have a separate swimming pool meant exclusively for Club Room Guests.

Club Level

Most hotels have standard rooms and club rooms on separate floors. That’s why the ‘Club Level’ labels on hotel elevators.

How to get or book a Club Room?

There are primarily three ways you can get access to a Club Room.

  1. Book a Club Room. Sometimes there is hardly any price difference.
  2. Free upgrade for elite members. You might have to ask for it.
  3. Get upgraded for problems with your current room. Ask for it.

Club Level Caveats

  • Just because the type of room you booked is called Club, doesn’t mean there is a club level or club lounge in your hotel. Confirm with the hotel in advance.
  • Some hotel will upgrade you to a club room yet not give access to club lounge. If you have an elite membership with the chain, it might be worth requesting the front desk for club lounge access.
  • Happy Journey đŸ™‚

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