Whether it is the massive T3 airport at Delhi, or its little cousin – Mumbai Airport. Bangalore Airport or Hyderabad Airport. Increased air traffic has not just increased costs, but also the time that we take to get through an airport. Sometimes the long queues for check in, baggage scanning, security check, and then the several exasperating minutes taken to enter and exit an aircraft, can be more than the total flying time. Wait, wasn’t I flying to save time?

But don’t be disheartened. We’re sharing a few tips here, which will help you zip through the Indian airports:

A little preparation can help you save time at Indian Airports.
A little preparation can help you save time at Indian Airports.

Web check-in:
All airlines in India offer the option of a web check-in. Not just will this reduce the anxiety that long queues bring along, you can also choose a seat of your preference in advance. If you have access to a printer, you can also carry a printed boarding pass.

Kiosk check-in + boarding pass print out:
If you have missed checking in over the web, all major Indian airports have kiosks which can be used for self check-in and for printing the boarding pass.

Small bag + Web check-in:
If possible, travel light and carry a small luggage case, which can be carried as cabin baggage. If you are not carrying baggage which needs to be registered, you can go straight for baggage scanning and security check, provided you have already printed your boarding pass. No wait at the check-in counters = lots of precious minutes saved.

Dress and pack for security check:
The rules for security check in India are similar to those across all major airports in the world. Wear minimum metal objects, empty your pockets and stuff everything in your bags beforehand and keep your laptop, tablet and/or any other large electronic items handy before you reach the metal detectors, as you will have to keep them in separate trays for screening. Same goes for jackets and bulky sweaters.

Don’t carry liquids above 100 ml:
You don’t want to be throwing away your liquids at the checkpoint, or trying to find small bottles to convince the security folks that you’re following the 100ml rule. Don’t pack more than 100 ml of liquids in your cabin baggage, and if this quantity is split across multiple bottles, try to keep them together in a bag. However, if the liquid quantity is high, you might want to register or check-in your luggage before hitting the security check.

Take a seat near the front of the aircraft:
You will be one of the first few to alight, and will save some precious minutes in the process.

Loyalty programs:
Certain airlines have separate queues for check-in for loyalty program members. Find out more about the airline you’re travelling with, and sign up for the loyalty program to save time. If you’re a frequent traveller, this will be especially useful as every trip will also get you points that can later be redeemed for free tickets!

Follow these tips to gallop through the Indian airports!

Happy Journey 🙂

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