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If you are travelling abroad, lost or delayed baggage could be an expensive affair. Even buying basic clothes, shoes, charger, toiletries etc for a day would be much more expensive than here in India. It’s thus important to have adequate insurance cover for your luggage before leaving the country.

Insurance for luggage

It’s not that uncommon for airlines to misplace bags.

How to buy a lost baggage insurance policy?

Fortunately, most travel insurance plans cover lost and delayed baggage as well. However, the cover varies from plan to plan. Check with your travel insurance company for details. Reliance travel insurance, ICICI and TATA AIG, all offer lost or delayed baggage cover with their travel insurance. But not in all plans.

Get Property Irregularity Report (PIR).

In the case your bag is missing, contact the airline staff immediately and ask for a PIR. Don’t leave the baggage claim area without a PIR. It’s required to file a claim.

Keep boarding passes and luggage tags safe for all the passengers.

When you file a claim, you might need to provide your boarding pass and luggage tags. It helps you prove to the insurance company that you actually checked in your bag.

Don’t give up.

At first, most insurance companies just try to find some condition and refuse the claim. That is how they work. Keep following up. If your case is genuine, they should ultimately pay. Conditions and policies aside.

Don’t forget to seek a claim from the airlines as well.

Most airlines provide on the spot cash. Generally while they give you the PIR document. And it’s negotiable. Some airlines might offer you a higher value airlines voucher. Compare what’s worth more for you. They might not pay you for return flights to India in case of delayed baggage.

Keep a trackr in every bag.

You don’t have to show this to the airline staff or insurance company. But it’s good to know where your bags are. Luggage trackrs are tiny little inexpensive devices that you can put in your bag. It can show you the location of your bag in case it goes missing.