Rural Tourism and India

Fields, scarecrows, chirping birds, most innovative home-made machines, nature in abundance, fresh air and almost zero crime rate. Sounds like a perfect place for a vacation and lots of pictures. Isn't it? But unfortunately for Rural India, the only tourists known are Government Health Centre Workers, Survey Professionals and Marketing companies doing there research to [...]

AP vs MAP vs CP vs EP: Demystifying Hotel Plans

AP. MAP. CP. EP... You will see these terms floating everywhere when you try booking a hotel or are scrolling through any hotel's brochure or website. But what are these terms supposed to mean? Well, they are nothing but meal plans. Here is what they generally mean: AP or American Plan American Plan or AP [...]

Hotel SnowPark, Manali – Off season discounts

We are back with another off season hotel deal in Manali. Hotel Snow Park, a new property in Manali is offering some great bargains for your stay in Manali. A descent accommodation with a nice view from terrace coupled with some good deals makes it a very attractive place to stay. Here are some off [...]

Explore India’s Heart with Jet Airways

Culture, Architecture, Caves, Paintings, Art, Craft, Wild Life and a glimpse of prehistoric India. Madhya Pradesh is truly the heart of Incredible India. And now Madhya Pradesh Tourism has made it even easier to dive into the heart of India by tying up with Jet Airways for some interesting packages. These joint promotional packages include [...]

Are you a Responsible Tourist?

Holidays are magical! New places, new people, different cultures, lots of pictures, shopping, recreation, relaxation and so much more. No wonder we always come back from a holiday with big stuffed bags and an even bigger bag of wonderful memories. But what do we leave behind? Smiles or fears? Memories of nightmares? You might be [...]