Preparing for Long Air Journeys

Pretty Air hostesses and so called award winning in-flight entertainment systems might be good to keep you engaged for a few hours. But what about those 10+ hours flights? Restlessness and stress soon overcome every facility your airline provides. Here are some simple & effective tips to help make your long air journeys, little more comfortable!

Fly non-stop:
One long flight is better than two short ones. While booking your tickets, try to opt for the non-stop flights which take you straight to your destination. Else, minimise your transfers. Even though the stop-over flights are cheaper, it will save you a lot of time and effort if you fly direct.

Be the first to catch the seat:
Most passengers have seat preferences while on a long journey. If you have not selected your seat while booking your ticket, reach the airport early to ensure getting your seat of preference. If you want to sleep through the larger part of the journey, take the window seat. Nothing is worse than being disturbed time and again by the guy sitting next to you so he can answer nature’s call. If you avoid sleeping and want to walk or use the washroom frequently, go for the aisle seat. Try getting the first row seats so you get more space to pamper your legs!

Dress for comfort, not for style:
Your attire goes a long way in adding comfort to your journey. Tight clothes or the wrong textile will keep you edgy and will only add to the discomfort. Try that loose t-shirt and pyjamas for maximum pleasure!

Say hello to water:
The air inside the cabin is significantly dry, and the air pressure lower-than-normal. These, combined with long hours inside the flight, can cause severe dehydration. Provide water to your body before it cries for help. Most airlines provide water and juices to passengers. Make use of these services since carrying liquids is not permitted nowadays.

Stay healthy, stay happy!
If you suffer from problems of blood pressure, motion sickness, diabetes, etc., consult your doctor before performing that long journey. If the doctor has advised medication at regular intervals, never forget to carry the medicines as well as the doctor’s prescription in the airline cabin.
Some common medical conditions that can occur during flight are DVT, ear blockage accompanied by severe pain, reduced air pressure resulting in need for oxygen, and the jet lag that happens after the long journey.

DVT or Deep Vein Thrombosis is formation of blood clots due to prolonged inactivity. Even though body’s clot busters kick in, it can become a severe condition in people with risk factors like cancer, heart diseases, obesity, pregnancy, etc. To avoid blood clotting, exercise your feet and ankles regularly. Walk up and down the aisle at short intervals. Wear comfortable shoes and avoid crossing your legs while seated.

Ear pain usually comes into picture during takeoff and landing when cabin air pressure changes rapidly. You can avoid it by chewing gum, yawning, or opening your mouth wide. Also try to close your nose with your thumb and index finger and exhale gently against a closed mouth.

At high altitudes, airline cabins have low oxygen levels and air pressure. Your body can compensate if you are in good health, and airlines usually have oxygen masks in cabins. But if you suffer from a serious lung problem or a cardiovascular disease, you can ask the airline for supplemental oxygen in advance. This will be available at a nominal price. Flight rules do not allow any passenger to carry oxygen.

Read our tips to avoid jet lag here.

Kick the caffeine:
It makes you feel nauseous, dehydrates and keeps your sleep away

Bored? Not any more!:
Pick that book you always wanted to read or load your Kindle before you board your flight. This long journey will give you a lot of time to read the book till the end. You could even indulge in some fun games like crosswords or number puzzles. Even though most long-distance carriers provide entertainment systems, you might want to carry your iPod for your favorite music!

Complete shut down:
During long hours of travel, nothing works better than shutting your brain down and sleeping for a few hours. It not only kills time effectively, it also gives you the much needed rest and reduces stress. As some wise man said, He who sleeps half a day has won half a life!

Along with your body, keep your spirits high up in the air too! Happy Journey!

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