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You have seen it in movies. You have heard about it from friends. You have ogled at its pictures. And you have dreamt about it often. But that’s just the tip of the beauty, surprises and adventures on offer at the dream land of Switzerland. However, the good news is that with a slew of offers and packages, there was never a better time to plan your Switzerland Tour.

Switzerland Tour

Choosing a Switzerland Tour

You can get a switzerland package for as low as Rs.90,000, including flights. However, it is important to choose your package wisely. In my opinion, 7 days is the bare minimum you need for Switzerland. Less than that is a waste of money and vacation. Ideally 11-15 days. One more way of evaluating a package is to see cost per day. So a 4 day tour for Rs.90,000 is more expensive than 11 day tour for Rs.1,50,000.

Getting a Better Deal

It is always a good idea to call or mail the support of the site you are looking at. More often than not you will get a better deal, offers or complimentary add-ons. For example, if you are planning a Switzerland Honeymoon, you are likely to get an upgrade to a suite or a fancy dinner. You can also ask for a customized Switzerland tour. That way you get to decide where all you want to go.

Read before you book your Switzerland Tour

It’s a good idea to read about Switzerland and its places before you plan your trip. You can start with Google or Lonely Planet.

Happy Journey to Switzerland 🙂