Using Republic Wireless in India is pretty simple and cheap. As cheap as 30$. Outside America, Republic Wireless doesn’t have tie ups with any mobile operators. But what they do have is full service over WiFi. 

However, public WiFi networks in India are not that common or reliable. Thankfully getting your own portable WiFi network is cheap (cheapest in the world cheap). 

India’s 2 largest mobile operators – Jio and Airtel, both offer portable 4G-LTE WiFi hotspots for under INR 2000. That’s approx 30 USD.  One month recharge with 1GB daily limit will cost another INR300. (5USD).

JioFi and Airtel Hotspot both have pretty good data speeds. Jio might be slightly better though because JioFi also lets you make calls and texts using an app. 

So once you have your portable hotspot up and running, you can practically use your phone like you are in hometown. Just switch on the hotspot and leave it in your bag or pocket. 

Happy Journey to India 🙂

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