Almost every hotel brand follows their own unique terminology for rooms categorisation. And with so many international hotel chains with multiple hotel brands, it gets even more complicated. However types of rooms in most hotels, especially 5 star hotels can be categorised amongst the following.

1. Base Level Rooms

Often described as: Deluxe Room or Superior Room or Standard Room

They might be called deluxe or superior, but these are essentially base level rooms with standard features – like a king bed, safe, bathroom with a rain shower (mostly no bathtub), tea-coffee maker, a work-desk with chair and probably a small sofa. Good for most people unless you are planning a long stay.

2. Little Bigger Rooms

Often described as: Premium Room or Executive Room

Essentially the same as Base Level Rooms, just a little bigger. Some hotels might throw in a few more amenities or a bigger bathroom instead of a bigger room. Not really worth paying extra for in most cases.

3. Rooms with a View

Often described as: Sea View Room or Ocean View Room or Pool View Room or Garden View Room or City View Room or Lake View Room or Mountain View Room… you get the point

Most hotels charge a premium for the view. Room would be same as other category rooms but you will get a better view. Sometimes might be worth paying for.

4. Rooms with Lounge or Club Access

Often described as: Club Room or Executive Room or Premier Club Room or Business Class Rooms

These are the rooms that might be worth extra dollars. You get access to the hotel’s lounge that offers free breakfast, evening tea/coffee, snacks, cocktails and access to business services like xerox, printouts etc.

5. Junior Suite

Often described as: Executive Suite

Here’s where the luxury begins. Junior Suites have a living room or area attached to the bedroom, an extra washroom, bigger sofa, bathroom with a bathtub (mostly) etc.

6. The Suite

Often described as: Grand Suite or Royal Suite or Deluxe Suite

Expect a separate living and bed rooms, big bathrooms with several amenities, Walk-in closet and at times a kitchenette. Some hotels also offer exclusive menus prepared by top chefs. This is like staying in a big 1 bedroom Apartment inside a hotel.

7. The Presidential Suite

One night stay in a Presidential suite in any hotel will probably cost you more than a 2 month stay in some other room in the same hotel. But then it’s the ultimate in luxury a hotel has to offer. Often reserved for top ministers, celebrities or industrialists, a Presidential Suite offers a huge bed room, a big living room, table with 6 or more chairs, bathtubs, whirlpools, Jacuzzi and sometimes even a gym, library, live kitchen, private pool etc.

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