Bangkok Gurudwara Langar Timings

The Guru Singh Sabha Gurudwara in Bangkok serves langar daily for devotees and people visiting the Gurudwara. Here are the timings for langar at Bangkok Gurudwara: Monday to Saturday: 9 to 10:30 am Sunday 9 to 12:30 pm However langar often starts a little early and goes on for longer, depending on the ardaas time. [...]

List of International Airlines in India

Flying domestic has become quite painful in India with reduced planes and ever increasing prices. However, if you planning to fly abroad, there is no dearth of choices. Several global airlines fly to and from Indian airports every day. List of all International Airlines Operating in India # Airlines 1 Adria Airways 2 Aeroflot 3 [...]

Get a Phuket Sim Card with Unlimited Data for $5

Google Maps, WhatsApp, Mails, InstaGram and what not. Unless you have free international roaming, you can't travel without a local sim card. Phuket is no different. However, good news is that you can get a local sim card in Phuket (and Bangkok) with unlimited data for pretty cheap. There are a few options when it [...]

Bangkok Gurudwara Langar Timings

The Guru Singh Sabha Gurudwara in Bangkok serves langar daily for devotees and people visiting the Gurudwara. Langar comprises of traditional Indian vegetarian dishes like chapatis, rice, dall, kadi and a sabji. A couple of vegetarian Thai food options are also included for locals visiting the Gurdwara. Here are the timings for langar at the [...]

Is India safe for American Tourists?

India is a vibrant country, rich in heritage, history, warmth and spirituality. It is 7th largest country in the world and the 2nd most populous. For the quintessential tourist, in this case American, is India a safe country to travel? There are conflicting view-points, however Michelle Breitstein a multi-faceted, multi-talented Travel Writer cum Life Style [...]

Veg Hyderabadi Food. What to eat? And where?

Think of the nawabi city of Hyderabad and the first thing that comes to mind is the famous Hyderabadi Biryani. However, the Vegetarian Fare too, is just as delicious here. The flavors range from subtle to zesty and even fiery. Ready for Very Veggie Culinary Hyderabadi journey? Mirchi ka Salan A Hyderabadi favourite with big [...]

Milan at Night: The Ultimate Guide.

The beautiful and enchanting city of Milan offers the quintessential tourist so many sights, sounds and flavours all through the day. Exploring Milan at dusk that melts into night-time is a different experience altogether. Something you have to experience to truly understand. You can always go for a Milan night tour package. But if you [...]

List of all IHG Hotels in Ireland (Updated)

Ireland, the third largest island of Europe, has a fair share of International hotel brands - full service and budget accomodations, both. IHG is not to be left behind either. IHG has several hotels in Ireland for you to take advantage of their hospitality as well as their famous IHG Rewards program. IHG Hotels in [...]