List of all IHG Hotels in Ireland (Updated)

Ireland, the third largest island of Europe, has a fair share of International hotel brands – full service and budget accomodations, both. IHG is not to be left behind either. IHG has several hotels in Ireland for you to take advantage of their hospitality as well as their famous IHG Rewards program. IHG Hotels in […]

Where to stay in New York City first time on a Budget?

If you are travelling to New York for the first time, it is as important to choose the right location as the budget. No point staying at a cheap hotel 20 miles away or spending a fortune on your hotel and cut costs on other things. Here are a few good budget and mid-scale hotels […]

Taj Mahal Information: Everything to Know Before Visiting

Some Facts Commissioned in: 1632 Completed in: 1653 Location: City of Agra, India Estimated Cost: 32 Million INR Today it would be: Approx. 55 Billion INR (~890 million USD) Official Site: Wikipedia: Taj Mahal Visit Timings Information: Friday: Closed for Public. Friday afternoon entry only for those who have to attend prayers at […]

20 Things to be Careful of in Thailand

Thailand is a beautiful country. Lovely beaches, mountains, people, temples, culture and massages. Thailand is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world for a reason. However, like any other place, there are a few things a tourist needs to be careful of in Thailand. Especially if this is your first trip to […]

Best Area to Stay in Mumbai for Nightlife

Just like New York for the USA, Mumbai is India’s city that never sleeps. In fact, it parties and dances all the way till dawn. Mumbai’s nightlife is something that any tourist shouldn’t miss. Especially given the fact that Mumbai is considered one of the safest cities for female tourists in India. But of course, […]

Dining Membership Programs of Hotels in India

We all have our favourites. Kathi rolls at Taj, Dal Bukhara at ITC, Drinks at Intercontinental Dome or the breakfast at JW Marriott. However, frequent visits to such places can leave a big hole in your pocket. But what many don’t know is that almost all 5 start hotels have dining programs that let you […]

Unique and Romantic Places to Celebrate Your Anniversary in India

Times are changing. A few years back, a romantic dinner and a diamond ring would have been enough to celebrate your Anniversary. But those days are long gone. Traveling is now the most sought after wedding anniversary gift. Probably the sparkle of diamonds is being outshined by the glow of likes and hearts on beautiful […]

7 Types of Rooms in a 5 Star Hotel

Almost every hotel brand follows their own unique terminology for rooms categorisation. And with so many international hotel chains with multiple hotel brands, it gets even more complicated. However types of rooms in most hotels, especially 5 star hotels can be categorised amongst the following. 1. Base Level Rooms Often described as: Deluxe Room or […]