7 Types of Rooms in a 5 Star Hotel

Almost every hotel brand follows their own unique terminology for rooms categorisation. And with so many international hotel chains with multiple hotel brands, it gets even more complicated. However types of rooms in most hotels, especially 5 star hotels can be categorised amongst the following. 1. Base Level Rooms Often described as: Deluxe Room or […]

Comparison of Per Plate Cost at a Wedding in Amritsar

Whether you are a local or planning a destination wedding, Amritsar is a great city to get married in. Even though it’s not as expensive as say a Udaipur or a Goa, Amritsar isn’t that cheap too. Especially because you can expect a lot more people to turn up for the great Punjabi bash. To […]

Hotel Credit Cards in India

From Jet Airways to Air India to British Airways, there’s enough choice if you are looking for a credit card to earn airline miles and benefits. Alas, that’s not the case with credit cards for hotels in India. Globally, there are a lot of co-branded hotel cards that offer hotel points and elite status. Though […]

Happy Secrets: Get discounts and free upgrades when you travel

Holidays are fun. But a loaded-with-freebies holiday is even better. Here are some secrets to get the most out of your limited holiday budget. Point taken. Points, points, points and points. Every holiday earns you a crazy amount of points/miles. In fact an international vacation can earn you enough points for a free domestic holiday. […]

Hotel Loyalty Program for India

Unlike some lucky people, most of us don’t travel every month. For the majority of Indians, traveling means family vacation, once or max twice a year. No wonder, all those fancy hotel loyalty cards fetch us nothing. I spoke to at least 15 people to figure out how many free nights they have enjoyed till […]

Where to stay in Ahmedabad?

If you have never been to Ahmedabad, selecting a hotel can be little intimidating. Luckily, unlike Mumbai and Delhi, good hotels in Gujarat don’t come with insane tariffs (most of the times). Here are some good hotels in Ahmedabad that provide good services without eating up your credit limit. Royal Orchid Central, Ahmedabad Good service, nice rooms […]

AP vs MAP vs CP vs EP: Demystifying Hotel Plans

AP. MAP. CP. EP… You will see these terms floating everywhere when you try booking a hotel or are scrolling through any hotel’s brochure or website. But what are these terms supposed to mean? Well, they are nothing but meal plans. Here is what they generally mean: AP or American Plan American Plan or AP […]