List of International Airlines in India

Flying domestic has become quite painful in India with reduced planes and ever increasing prices. However, if you planning to fly abroad, there is no dearth of choices. Several global airlines fly to and from Indian airports every day. List of all International Airlines Operating in India # Airlines 1 Adria Airways 2 Aeroflot 3 […]

List of all Hyatt Hotels in India

The total number of Hyatt Hotels in India might not be that big a number but there are enough Hyatt Hotels in India to indulge or pamper yourself with Hyatt hospitality or to just make use of tempting Hyatt offers available from time to time. Here is a list of all Hyatt Hotels in India. […]

Using Republic Wireless in India

Using Republic Wireless in India is pretty simple and cheap. As cheap as 30$. Outside America, Republic Wireless doesn’t have tie ups with any mobile operators. But what they do have is full service over WiFi.  However, public WiFi networks in India are not that common or reliable. Thankfully getting your own portable WiFi network […]

India gets Free Wifi Hotspots. And an App to connect.

Remember how you loved connecting to free wifi hotspots on your last trip to Europe? Well, India is not far behind. In fact it might be a step ahead. As now you can not only connect to free wifi hotspots across several cities in India, but an app can also help you automatically connect to […]

Hotel Credit Cards in India

From Jet Airways to Air India to British Airways, there’s enough choice if you are looking for a credit card to earn airline miles and benefits. Alas, that’s not the case with credit cards for hotels in India. Globally, there are a lot of co-branded hotel cards that offer hotel points and elite status. Though […]

Gadgets to carry when traveling to India

Though it’s always better to travel light, some gadgets are worth the weight while traveling abroad. Here are some gadgets that should come handy when you are traveling to India. Portable Wifi or Mifi It’s very rare to find free wifi hotspots in India as of now. And thanks to bad 3G networks, data on […]

New Club Carlson Hotels in India

Club Carlson is one of our favorite hotel loyalty programmes in India. Apart from their generous offers and bonuses, properties in most of the major cities in India is a big plus. And more hotels is always a good news! Club Carlson: New hotel openings in India in 2012 1. Radisson Blu Hotel Ludhiana: 81 […]