List of International Airlines in India

Flying domestic has become quite painful in India with reduced planes and ever increasing prices. However, if you planning to fly abroad, there is no dearth of choices. Several global airlines fly to and from Indian airports every day. List of all International Airlines Operating in India # Airlines 1 Adria Airways 2 Aeroflot 3 […]

Benefits of Travel Insurance

We always look forward to our holidays. Planning, shopping and preparations often begin long before the journey. Hence it becomes important to ensure that everything is planned well so that we don’t end up with a spoiled holiday. And for things that are beyond our control, there is travel insurance. One of the most popular […]

Update from Heathrow Airport

Bad weather continues to cause chaos and trouble for travelers and others alike in Briton. Heathrow announced that it won’t be accepting arrivals on Sunday, December 19th, 2010.Official update on the website:  Heathrow Airport will not be accepting arrivals on Sunday, and will only manage a handful of departures as our airfield team continues to deal […]

Preparing for Long Air Journeys

Pretty Air hostesses and so called award winning in-flight entertainment systems might be good to keep you engaged for a few hours. But what about those 10+ hours flights? Restlessness and stress soon overcome every facility your airline provides. Here are some simple & effective tips to help make your long air journeys, little more […]

Kingfisher Hongkong Offer

If you have been waiting for an opportunity to visit Hong Kong, then the time has come.Take advantage of exclusive packages to Hong Kong from India, brought to you by Kingfisher Holidays, in association with Hong Kong Disneyland.Spend moments of togetherness in this island city – whisk your kids away to Disneyland for a magical […]

Going abroad for the first time? Read this…

Just like first love, the first trip abroad always remains special. However, the fun can easily be spoiled by some careless oversights. Here are some handy tips to help you minimize problems by little planning before you board your first international flight. – Always book tickets on a reliable airline. Check if they are offering any […]