Hotel Loyalty Program for India

Unlike some lucky people, most of us don’t travel every month. For the majority of Indians, traveling means family vacation, once or max twice a year. No wonder, all those fancy hotel loyalty cards fetch us nothing. I spoke to at least 15 people to figure out how many free nights they have enjoyed till […]

Where to stay in Ahmedabad?

If you have never been to Ahmedabad, selecting a hotel can be little intimidating. Luckily, unlike Mumbai and Delhi, good hotels in Gujarat don’t come with insane¬†tariffs¬†(most of the times). Here are some good hotels in Ahmedabad that provide good services without eating up your credit limit. Royal Orchid Central, Ahmedabad Good service, nice rooms […]

How to kill time at Indian Airports?

To ensure that lazy latecomers like me and you reach the airport before the flight takes off, the authorities call us much earlier than the scheduled flight time. This ensures that we have a lot of time to kill before we board that beloved flight. And with increasing number of flights getting delayed everyday, spending […]

How to save money on your trip to India?

International travel can be a costly affair and with a country as vast and Incredible as India, with so many go-for-sure places, budgets can go really high. However, spending a few hours on the Internet before you plan your trip can help you save some (or substantial) amount of money. Here are some simple tips […]