How to kill time at Indian Airports?

To ensure that lazy latecomers like me and you reach the airport before the flight takes off, the authorities call us much earlier than the scheduled flight time. This ensures that we have a lot of time to kill before we board that beloved flight. And with increasing number of flights getting delayed everyday, spending all that time can be an arduous task, especially if you are traveling alone. You might have heard many suggestions, some including pacing the large waiting areas to exercise your feet! We might have a little better ideas.

1) ‘Book’ing your time:

At the airport, spending time at the bookstore is the best thing to do. Every airport has a bookstore, usually with a large collection of some very interesting books and magazines. Buy your favorite, or just browse through. If your Kindle already has some new books, or if you just bought that book, find the perfect place in the waiting lounge and enjoy reading.
2) Surf the net:
All major airports are now wi-fied. Use the wireless technology to surf the internet. Find new websites and blogs, or just go through the old favorites. Or you might be more interested in going the social-networking way! Either way, it is time well-spent.
3) Feed thyself:
You will find a large variety of food and beverages at every airport. Treat you tummy with its favorites. Sample new local dishes, or just take your regular dose of coffee, you will never be short of options. If your feet have dragged you to the food court, you might see many lonely strangers. Try talking to one of them, and you might be a part of a very interesting conversation!
4) Loosen your pockets:
Please yourself with new gifts, or pick up souvenirs for your loved ones. Clothes, accessories, perfumes, wines, gadgets – all these and more are available at most airports. This option might be slightly heavy on your pocket, but the happiness attached with new gifts will make it worth it!
5) Of old times and new:
If your busy life has kept you out-of-touch with your friends, what better time to remember them all than this? You are at an airport with a lot of time and nothing to do! Pick up your phone and surprise your friends with a phone call. Relive the happy times. These conversations might just make this waiting time unforgettable.
6) ‘Bird’-watching:
The variety of activities at the waiting lounge will amaze you. Business travellers fixing deals loudly over the phone, the irate mom trying to control noisy kids, the college kid trying to show off all his fancy gadgets together, the pretty girl fixing her makeup every 5 minutes, the edgy old travellers digging their bags for the boarding passes that they just kept in their pockets, the much-in-love couple canoodling in the waiting area.. Yes! Together they will amuse you for more time than you’d have imagined!
7) Smile Please!
If none of this works, just smile at random strangers. Not only will you feel happy that you are smiling, you can also derive pleasure by creeping the hell out of people, leaving them wondering if you are a long-lost childhood friend that they seem to have forgotten! 😉
Now time to board that flight! Happy Journey!

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