List of all Accor Hotels in India

From a super tight budget stay to a fancy and luxurious one, Accor Hotels is a chain you can’t ignore when researching where to stay. Here is the list of all Accor hotels in India to help you plan your trip. Tip: If you are considering more than a few nights at Accor Hotels, purchasing […]

How to Get a Frequent Flyer Number and Why You Need it?

Your Frequent Flyer Number is the key to earning free flights and saving tons of money on your travel. Best part is you don’t really have to be ‘frequent flyer’ to earn free flights. In fact, many of the best ways to earn free flights, don’t involve flying. You can earn them for using your […]

Westin Membership Card: Get free nights, dining benefits & discounts

Westin! It’s a habit. If you are like me, you end up at your neighbourhood Westin for every business meeting, every time you have to catch up with a friend or when you want to just relax. If that’s the case, flashing a Westin Membership Card next time you enter Westin can get you some […]

Hotel Credit Cards in India

From Jet Airways to Air India to British Airways, there’s enough choice if you are looking for a credit card to earn airline miles and benefits. Alas, that’s not the case with credit cards for hotels in India. Globally, there are a lot of co-branded hotel cards that offer hotel points and elite status. Though […]

Starbucks Card comes to India

If you have been to any Starbucks in India lately, you would have noticed these shiny cards on their counters. Yes, Starbucks cards are now available in India. Although they are a little different (and limited) from their American counterpart. However, they have just launched so we hope they will catch up soon. Why Starbucks […]

Hotel Loyalty Program for India

Unlike some lucky people, most of us don’t travel every month. For the majority of Indians, traveling means family vacation, once or max twice a year. No wonder, all those fancy hotel loyalty cards fetch us nothing. I spoke to at least 15 people to figure out how many free nights they have enjoyed till […]