Starbucks Card comes to India

If you have been to any Starbucks in India lately, you would have noticed these shiny cards on their counters. Yes, Starbucks cards are now available in India. Although they are a little different (and limited) from their American counterpart. However, they have just launched so we hope they will catch up soon.


Why Starbucks India Card?
If you are a coffee addict and find yourself looking for change at the Starbucks counter quite often, then this card is for you. These cards are also great for gifting. Reload it whatever amount you want, nicely wrap it and your coffee addict pal will be a happy soul.

Apart from convenience and gifting, it is also a great way to keep a track of your coffee expenditure as you can see the card usage online anytime.

How to use Starbucks India Card?
Starbucks India card is free. You can just pick up one from the counter and walk out. However, to use it you will need to reload it with some money. You can reload the card by paying at the counter itself for any amount. And then when you are in next time for your dose of caffeine, just present your Starbucks Card at the counter.

If you are gifting this card, then reload it with the amount you wish to gift.

Keep a track of your expenses online.
Once you have your card, you can register it online and keep a track of your balance and usage. Registering online can help protect your card’s unused balance in case you lose you card.

What if I lose my Starbucks India Card?
If you lose your card, just logon to and click on ‘Report lost or stolen’.
My Account | Starbucks Coffee Company.png

After that first deactivate your old card using the link on next page and then transfer the balance to a new card.
Starbucks India Card: Report Lost or Stolen

Let us know your experience with Starbucks India Card. And enjoy your coffee!

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