Pune clubs or pubs in Pune were almost non-existent till a few years back. Back then Pune was known as a quiet city for the retired. As time went by and the IT Revolution took place- it revolutionized Pune as well. Specially, Pune’s night life. Pune now provides a variety of options for an ideal Saturday night out. Or any night out, for that matter. Let’s have a look at some of the most popular Pune Clubs.

Pune Clubs

Miami Club, Pune

Located at the JW Marriott Pune, “Miami” is without doubt one of the most popular clubs in Pune as of now. With an affordable entry charge and its proximity to a lot of Pune’s colleges, Miami is thriving. It sports a great bar, with a comparatively better dance floor and trance lighting.

They generally play House or Electronic music which is well appreciated, and the bartenders are friendly and quick. Add to this the fact that Miami does not throw out its customers at the stroke of midnight- in fact, it generally stays open for longer. The crowd there is not exactly ideal, but when you go with a group of friends you don’t even notice it. Their Long Island Ice Tea is to die for.

Wednesdays are a good time for the ladies to try out Miami as its Ladies Night and they would get free (albeit diluted) drinks.

The High Spirits Cafe and Club, Pune

High Spirits is very close to ABC Farms, and is a club which every college going student in Pune will have been to. A place with great ambience and great music, High Spirits is mainly a resto bar which has some really cool gigs. The entry is totally affordable, the alcohol is comparatively cheap and the music is awesome. The food is not bad either. High Spirits has a great ambience and is a perfect option for dinner plus party nights.

Kue Bar, Pune

Located at the Westin, Kue Bar is the premium nightclub of Pune. Its décor gives an immediate feeling of grandeur and fun. Its music is superb, but so are its prices.

The entry is not too expensive. Ladies night is free entry for the ladies and a Friday night usually has a free entry system uptill a certain time. But drinking in the club works out to be a little expensive. The most favourable thing about Kue Bar is its absolutely huge dance floor. This dance floor will let you have your own space and enjoy your heart out. The music really gets you going, and there is not a single moment which dips the tempo.

It seems as though the prices work in the favour of Kue Bar, keeping the riff raff out and giving an overall experience of premium partying.

Oak Lounge, Pune

Located in Koregaon Park, the most desirable part of town, the Oak Lounge is an instant hit among the Pune club goers. The entry is generally free and the crowd is really great. In some cases the alcohol does work out to be a little expensive than other Pune clubs. But what the Oak Lounge has really going for it, is the music it plays.

Penthouze Club, Pune

Even though it’s the new kid on the block, Penthouse Club deserves a mention on the Guide to Pune’s Night life because everybody is talking about it. Partying on the rooftop of a building is an experience unique to Penthouse, compare to other Pune clubs. No wonder Penthouse is the next rage for Pune’s club goers.

The entry is not free, in fact it’s a little steep. The crowd seems okay- consisting more of those who can afford it. The music is popular and food is quite good. However, the alcohol is a little on the expensive side and the service isn’t too great either. Penthouse gives you the chance to party right under the stars.

Happy Journey to Pune Clubs 🙂

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