Sunday Brunch in Pune at Vohuman Café

A charming little place, with a mouth watering menu and totally relaxed surroundings- that is Vohuman Café. It is close to the Railway Station, and bang on the main road but when you enter Vohuman, it’s a whole new world altogether. Small tables set close to each other, a pet dog, and no parking; these are things which you will cease to notice when you dig into their fantastic Cheese Omelette.

Vohuman is an Iranian café serving general breakfast foods with the usual focus on the anda burjis, bun maskas and omelettes. But once you taste their food, you will swear by it. Its specialty is that it opens at 6:30 am, and closes by 7 pm. Their perfect (and almost instant) tea and tall glasses of Bourn Vita are famous. Another celebrity from the Vohuman Café menu is the Cheese Toast. A massive toasted and buttered sandwich, with huge wedges of cheese which tastes great stuffs you up completely. The prices are completely reasonable and will definitely not burn a hole in your pocket.

What really makes Vohuman Café the Sunday Brunch Destination, is the ambience. The café is a hub for a lot of youngsters who come here to relax and “chill” with their friends or family. Constantly buzzing with pleasant conversation, Vohuman Café provides a great opportunity for some real conversation and great food. Personally, my Pune trips are incomplete without a stop at Vohuman Café for a quick bun maska and chai. Next time you are in Pune, give it a shot.

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