Jadhavgadh: Pune’s weekend getaway

Jadhavgadh literally means “The Jadhav Fort”. Built in the village called Jadhavwadi, Jadhavgadh is an ideal weekend getaway for the Pune residents looking for some fresh air and change of scene. The Jadhavgadh Resort’s best attraction is that it’s hotel with a rustic feel, and 5 Star Comfort.

Named after one of Chhatrapati Shahuji’s most dedicated warriors, Jadhavgadh forms an essential part of Marathi history. The village itself gives a feeling of having gone back in time. The approach towards the fort consists of beautiful green fields, bullock carts and a view of the Sahyadris in the distance. The resort has maintained the original exterior of the fort, and the ambience is such that it provides a traditional feel. Back then, the fort was designed to be extremely efficient and as a solution to the threat of constant invasion. It has no spectacular beauty in terms of design except for the fact that it is still standing, and in such great condition.

When a guest arrives at the gate of this massive fort, he is welcomed by a Mawla (Shivaji’s soldier) blowing a Tutari (Marathi trumpet). “Chhaja” is the restaurant here which specializes in traditional Marathi cuisine. The food is incredible- and can be enjoyed while overlooking miles and miles of green land with traditional music in the background. For evening entertainment there are dance performances and showcasing of martial arts. This resort is more of a relaxation destination, than a sightseeing destination. However, the Jadhavgadh Resort is a very popular destination for couples wishing to get married in royal style.

Though the prices may seem a little steep, for such a brilliant stay and service it is not too great a price to pay. This winter, go ahead- add the Jadhavgadh Resort to your list of weekend getaways.

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