There is no dearth of wild things to do in Amsterdam. And in fact, some say, a trip to Amsterdam is not complete without a bit of wild in the mix. Here are some things for you to explore in Amsterdam. Remember to stay safe, careful and enjoy your trip.

Do the De Wallen

Welcome to largest and most well known red light district of Amsterdam. Feel adventurous enough to walk through the alleys, with workers looking at you from windows, alluringly. As they gaze and preen, they are ready to offer the services for an amorous night. These workers are a major tourist attraction here. Still craving for more? Hop over to adjoining Shops, Theatres, Peep Shows. That’s not all, a Museum that reveals all, a Cannabis Museum and Coffee Shops. Get high!

Oostvaardersplassen beckons

A stretch of 56 square kilometres covers Europe’s most remarkable conservation efforts. Here, megafauna that was destroyed by man, is being reintroduced with concerted effort and care. This place is the habitat to the Great Cormorant, Great Egret, Eurasian Bittern, Great Spoonbill, White Tailed Eagle and other animals.

Say Cheers at Heineken!

Visit the Heineken Brewery to get the complete experience. Here, you can go for a virtual reality ride, know the history and even indulge in some beer tasting of a famed global brand.

Get a bagful of surprises!

What girls want, the Museum of Bags and Purses have. There are plenty of bags and designer purses here, to covet. The museum covers 500 years of handbag history detailing textures, fabrics, shapes, material and much more. Get a bagful of information in your mind. Go bag it!

Golf that Glows

Now play Golf in the dark. Here is a 3 dimensional Golf experience that awaits you in some abstract glowing patterns. It is indeed a not to missed experience. Tee for 2 along with Beer for you.

Enter the world’s largest flower market

Love plants and flowers, enter the FloraHolland Aalsmeer for a blooming good time. At the world’s largest flower market, partake in the flower auction and witness the international flower trade.

Also visit:
Electric Ladyland, Amsterdam’s psychedelic fluorescent and most eccentric museum, Albert Cuyp Market and the Museum Het Grachtenhuis, or the Museum of the Canals.

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