Veg Hyderabadi Food. What to eat? And where?

Think of the nawabi city of Hyderabad and the first thing that comes to mind is the famous Hyderabadi Biryani. However, the Vegetarian Fare too, is just as delicious here. The flavors range from subtle to zesty and even fiery. Ready for Very Veggie Culinary Hyderabadi journey? Mirchi ka Salan A Hyderabadi favourite with big […]

Cheap Veg Street Food in London

When it comes to travelling, you still want to stick to your lifestyle choice without having to sacrifice experiences. Street food is one experience to have in London, especially since it helps to keep the cost down, but are there any vegetarian options? There definitely are, and here are the top three to consider. Rupert’s […]

Vegetarian Indian Food in Spain

When travelling abroad, finding vegetarian food, especially for us from India, is always tough. Spain is no different. Though there are several vegetarian restaurants in Spain, they are not so easy to find. And I personally prefer sightseeing or chilling at the beach instead of running around the town looking for a place to eat. […]