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When travelling abroad, finding vegetarian food, especially for us from India, is always tough. Spain is no different. Though there are several vegetarian restaurants in Spain, they are not so easy to find. And I personally prefer sightseeing or chilling at the beach instead of running around the town looking for a place to eat. Plus those fancy vegetarian restaurants cost an arm and a leg for basic veg food. But don’t worry, we have got you covered. Here are some simple ways to enjoy Spain without worrying about veg food.

1. Indian Restaurants in Spain.
If you are willing to pay 5 Euros for a chapati, 20 for a bowl of dal, there are a lot of Indian restaurants in Spain. Look at or

2. Restaurants with veg food in Spain.
Check for a list of restaurants that serve veg food in major cities in Spain.

3. Pack an extra bag.
Though we are all for traveling light, a small bag of theplas, khakhras, cup noodles and namkeens goes a long way. Especially for the first few days when you are still learning how to say vegetarian food in Spanish. Hola! and a smile would only get you a louder Hola! and a warmer smile in return.

4. Find a Burger King or a Subway.
Not strictly an Indian option but we love burgers and fries, right? Most Burger King outlets in Spain carry at least one vegetarian burger. If not, they are generally more than happy to make you one. Plus they serve (pure veg) fries and soft drinks. Same goes for Subway. Salad Subs are available almost at every outlet.

5. Stop looking for a cafe.
The best place to find veg food in Spain is probably a local supermarket. Get breads, cheese, creams, ice-tea cans, muffins, butter croissants, etc etc. If you have a kitchen to your disposal, you can also pick rice, noodles, pastas etc. You would be surprised how cheap it’s to cook a quick meal at home. And while you are there, don’t forget to try delicious cherries of Spain.

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