Best Sim Cards for Tourists in India 

India has several national and regional mobile operators. However all local sim cards in India are not suitable for tourists. 

Here are our top 3 picks based on network quality, value for money and customer service. 

#1 Jio

The only true 4G network in India, Jio has the best and most extensive 4g coverage in India. From metros to towns to highways to villages, the strongest network is Jio’s strength.

And it’s also one of the cheapest options. Jio MiFi devices, known as JioFi are also available to purchase. If you have a wifi based cellular connection like Republic Wireless or Project Fi, then JioFi makes the most sense to buy. And it’s not expensive at all. You can see more about Jio plans and prices at

Jio has the most extensive 4G coverage in India. Even at remote locations.
Jio has the most extensive 4G coverage in India. Even at remote locations.

#2 Airtel

Airtel is the second best network in India when it comes to network coverage. However their 4G coverage is not as extensive as Jio. And probably the best wrt customer care. Their email support is a blessing for tourists who normally struggle with local language and can’t get proper information. A mail sent to generally receives a reply within a few hours. See for details.

#3 Idea

With a good coverage on highways and a relatively less saturated network, Idea is a great alternative if you don’t care much about 4G. Their 4G coverage is very limited, unfortunately. See plans and pricing.

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