A legendary shack on Baga Beach, Goa

Needless to say, Goa is one of the most popular tourist destinations in our country. As time goes by, the places, restaurants and bars in Goa also have achieved a celebrity status. Your Goa trip is absolutely incomplete if you haven’t been to Britto’s.

Britto’s is a restaurant/ shack right on Baga Beach, in Calingute, Goa. So close that you can hear the roaring of the sea waves , the shrieking children and the “water sportsmen” yelling. Britto’s is open to air, and has an assorted bunch of tables and chairs mostly crammed in the space. The floor is covered with sand, or made of sand (it’s kind of hard to tell). Brittos is open throughout the day, and serves alcohol.

And if that is not reason enough to make the trip to Britto’s, their crab curry is the reason why you should definitely go. The crabs here are fresh, tasty, and phenomenal. Britto’s is generally famous for its Goan cuisine- and in all of Goa you will not come across a crab curry which makes your stomach so happy. Their pork vindaloo is a treat to your tastebuds, and a variety of chicken dishes are also available. You should also try their cocktails along with your meal because, well, you are in Goa.

In spite of being open to air, and crowded at absolutely all hours- Britto’s is very well maintained. They have a great, efficient and funny staff. The level of cleanliness maintained is quite impressive.

In Britto’s you can drink a few beers, eat a lot of fish and catch up with your friends for hours and it will feel as though no time has gone by. If you think about it, Britto’s is like the essence of Goa- here you can truly be susegad.

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