Kolhapur – Travel Into the heart of Maharashtra

Kolhapur is a historical city located in the heart of Maharashtra. Apart from the sugarcane fields, the chicken and mutton rassa, and Kolhapuri chappal , Kolhapur is worth a visit to experience the real history of Maharashtra. A cultural hub, Kolhapur is the seat of the descendants of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. Kolhapur is home to […]

Windmill Farms: Go-For-Sure Place near Satara, Pune

Close to Satara City, not too far from Pune, lies one of the largest windmill farms in Asia at Chalkewadi in Satara district of Maharashtra state. Surrounded by beautiful mountains, valleys and greenery, the place makes you feel that going green can literally mean being one with nature. Serene, calm and invigorating, the place has […]