Whichever part of the world you travel, you can’t escape the multi-headaches of multi-sims if you are traveling multi-countries. Phew! Asia is no different. However, thanks to competition, there are more than a few options available if you don’t want to change SIMs in every country while traveling to Asia.

If you happen to be in the USA, it’s pretty simple. Just buy a Project Fi sim card and you are sorted. Data costs same as home at these 170+ countries and at 20 cents per minute, calls are pretty cheap as well. And at most places, you can use Wifi for free calls as well. If that wasn’t enough, Project Fi add-on sim options let your family also connect on your plan.

However, if you can’t get hold of a Project Fi Sim, things are not so simple. But not so bad either. Here are some options you can go for Sim cards that come with free or cheap roaming in Asia.

Airtel Sim from India

Airtel is the leading telecom operator in India. And it offers some pretty great roaming plans for International travel on their prepaid sim cards. However, it works a little differently. They have a separate plan for each country or a group of countries. But you can easily activate them from their app whenever you are planning to travel. Rates are pretty good for some countries, not so good for others. But it definitely saves you the hassle of managing multiple sim cards while traveling.

Airtel Thailand Roaming Rates.

Three Sim from Hong Kong

Three Hong Kong offers an Asia Roaming Sim that works in South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, New Zealand and Australia. At 259 Hong Kong Dollars (approx USD 33) for 7 days, it’s not a bad deal. It includes 4G lTE Data roaming.

Get a Global Data Sim

Global Data Sims are generally expensive but can work for you if you use them wisely. Couple them with WhatsApp Calling and you don’t really need voice calls anymore. FlexiRoam Sim looks promising and can be quite cheap if you buy a data pack in advance. $8 for 1GB in some cases. You can also see if any WorldSim plan works for you.

Get a Use and Throw Asia Sim

There are many one time use Sim Cards for Asia roaming like this one. There are some available at the airports as well, but I won’t depend on them. They are out of stock often.

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