Indeed, the best part of any road trip is the delicious food joints that we find on the way. The highways are always loaded with some of the best food joints, but instead of moving to luxurious restaurants, we advise you to try the awesome taste of dhabas in India.

If you are traveling from Mumbai to Ahmedabad, you will find a number of awesome food corners that serve the most delicious collection of authentic local Indian food. Earlier dhabas were used by truck drivers to eat food during their long hour journey, but now they have become a common visiting spot for tourists as well because people love to enjoy the delicious recipes at a cheap price. Here are some top-rated dhabas on the Mumbai-Ahmedabad highway that we would like to recommend.

Kinara Dhaba

This dhaba is popular for its wide range of dishes including Mughlai, Indian, Chinese and Seafood as well. While eating the delicious food in well-maintained seating areas, you can also enjoy music and drinks as well. This Dhaba is located at Ghodbundar Junction, Vasai. It has huge seating capacity, and you will love to sit comfortably on typical Khatiyas; however, the regular tables are also available with plastic chairs. There are few private huts where you can spend some time while enjoying delicious food service. They offer veg as well as non-veg collections, and you will definitely love the ambiance of this dhaba.

Parsi Da Dhaba

There is no doubt to say that Parsi food brings water to every mouth; if you are planning a visit from Mumbai to Ahmedabad, it is good to enjoy the delicious food collection at Parsi Da Dhaba. You can find vegetarian and non-vegetarian food collections, and the great news is that they offer high-class service. The service providers have good English language skills, so you can out your order easily. The menu is long enough; many people say that they have not read it complete even after several visits.

Pritam’s Dhaba

This place is situated close to the western express highway, and the open, Punjabi setup attracts most tourists to this food point. The spacious seating area is enough to serve numbers of food lovers at a time. Most people love their non-veg collections with the awesome ambiance in the space. The staff members are very caring and skilled; they ensure top quality service to all tourists in the area.

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