If you are someone who loves junk jewellery, affordable yet fashionable finds and exploratory street shopping, then Pune is just the place for you. Beaded jewellery, knitted scarves, Osho chappals, quilted hand bags (the list can go on and on) – here, you can find all of it and then some.

Pune loves street shopping. Don't miss the fun if you are traveling to Pune.
Pune loves street shopping. Don’t miss the fun if you are traveling to Pune.

FC Road

Fergusson College Road, popularly known as FC Road, turns into Pune’s own version of Colaba Causeway. With vendors selling books, clothes, footwear, accessories and more you can spend hours strolling down the street and picking up any knick knacks that find your fancy. When shopping on FC road, you need to find your way to all the tiny stores that are hidden away behind others; these often offer the best deals. Be wary on weekends though as it can be difficult to navigate through the massive throngs of crowds.

Koregaon Park

Anyone looking for Osho chappals and quilted sling bags? Come on over to Koregaon Park. Right at the start of Lane 1, there is one of the largest street side stores in KP selling Osho chappals in all styles and colours. Priced at quite a bargain, you can stock up on pairs to get you through all the seasons. If you are fond of the maroon robes worn by the Osho followers, you can pick up some of those here too.

Tulsi Baug

Hair accessories, bags, junk jewellery, footwear, bargain makeup products, clothes, home décor items – name it and you will find it at Tulsi Baug. Packed with locals as well as tourists (particularly on weekends), Tulsi Baug is the treasure mine for everything that you ever wanted and even those things that you never realised you needed.

Hong Kong Lane

Situated as a small lane between two parallel roads in Deccan, Hong Kong Lane has flourished as a shopping paradise. It is actually just a small lane where two people can’t even fit side by side, and is packed with innumerable stores selling everything that can be considered fashionable. You can pick up watches, or quirky mobile phone covers, urban style junk jewellery and even stunning bags. Once you walk into Hong Kong Lane, it is unlikely that you will emerge on the other side with nothing in your hands.

Fashion Street

Pune’s very own fashion street is a large shopping area in Camp, located on East Street. Inexpensive, stylish and full of bargain deals, you can find clothing, footwear, leather items and plenty of fashion accessories here. Remember to bargain though, the hawkers expect it and so they will start by quoting a high price when you approach them.

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