So what if there is no Big Basket in Raipur, you can still order vegetables and other groceries online, even in Raipur. Here are a few websites for online grocery shopping in Raipur.

Amazon Groceries

Amazon might not deliver vegetables to Raipur, but it does sell daals, maggi, tea, biscuits, atta etc etc here. You can buy some brands that might not be locally available. If you are looking for organic food items, Amazon is a great place to order.


Though you might struggle to find vegetables in stock, Oshop otherwise has a good variety of groceries. Apart from Raipur, you can order online grocery from Durg and Bhilai as well.

As the name suggests, sabzitarkaari is a site to order fruits and vegetables online. Prices are comparable to local sabzi-walas and they seem to have a good variety also.

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