Guide to Cheap Street Shopping in Bangkok

Bangkok is one of the best cities in the world for cheap street shopping. And like any other place, you need to know where exactly to shop to enjoy your shopping without worrying if you are at the right market or not.

Here is our guide to cheap street shopping in Bangkok. Some of the names here are of malls, but don’t worry. They are just as lovingly unorganized and cheap as street shopping. You will know what I mean when you are there.

Platinum Fashion Mall

– Good for shoes, clothes and bags. (lots of teeny-weeny stuff u get there! Awesome!).

– Has 4 buildings (1st and 2nd (esp this one) are better).

– You can easily spend half a day here. And if u like something pick it up – you will never find it again.

– Don’t waste too much time in bargaining.


– Good for bags and shoes.

– Level 1 (I think) has a shop called PINK (awesome bags for 199THB).

– Same level (1 or 2) there is a massage place. Awesome foot massage.

– Yves Rocher store also there.

– Electronics can also be bought from the last floor.

– There is another mall adjoining MBK – good for clothes.

– Thai silk also good here.

– Can’t bargain that much – cheap shopping anyway.

Chatuchak – Weekend Flea Market (9am – 6pm, Sat – Sun only)

– Probably the World’s biggest street market.

– Over 15,000 stalls.

– Slightly far from Sukhumvit. Best way to travel is the MRT.

– Amazing shopping, can bargain.


– Night market.

– Bargain and how!

– Fakes available here.

– Good for Bags / shoes / gift items etc

– Lots of bars / pubs around.

– DON’T go for the adult shows coz those guys are thugs. They get you in by offering u a cheap deal and then end up making you pay more (scare you with funny bouncers and all).

– Best currency exchange here

Siam Square (opp Paragon mall)

– Again the street shopping here is amazing.

– Better quality, slightly expensive compared to MBK and all.

– Clothes, T shirts, bags, shoes, massages


– Siam Paragon Mall- movies, food, branded shopping.

– Sukhumvit is an awesome stretch to walk / shop / eat / party / live.

– Travel by MRT / BTS NOT cabs. Bad traffic.

– See floating market also once.

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