Indore has no dearth of public transport options with Buses, Mini-buses, Tempos, Auto-rickshaws and City-vans at your service. However the recent boom of radio cabs has added to the comfort, convenience and safety of traveling in the star city of Madhya Pradesh.

Currently, there are a few options for cheap radio cabs in Indore. They can be booked through mobile apps.

Common features of all radio cabs:

  • Air conditioned cars including hatchbacks and sedans
  • Cabs trackable on GPS
  • Tamper-proof electronic meters
  • Electronic receipts after completion of the journey
  • Free referral rides

Here is a list of the companies that provide low fare AC cab services in Indore:

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Uber has 2 types of cabs available in Indore. UberGO is the cheapest option at Rs. 5 per km and Rs. 1 per minute of travel.

  • Hatchback
  • Rs. 40 base fare +
  • Rs. 5 per km +
  • Rs. 1 per minute.
  • Sedan
  • Rs. 40 base fare +
  • Rs. 8 per km +
  • Rs. 1 per minute.
Free Uber Ride: If you are a first time user, you can get a free ride upto Rs. 250. Just enter the code ‘uber2india’ (this code works in Indore as well) when you signup with Uber or in Promotions section in the app.

Toll fares, if any, are paid by the drivers and are added to your invoice after completion of the journey.
Uber also gives the option of Split Fare. If all the travelers opt in, the total cost is split equally between all the travelers in journey and is deducted from each person’s account. Rs. 5 per person is charged extra for this service.

Uber can be booked only for an immediate ride. They don’t offer advance booking.


The cheapest Ola option is Ola TFS.

  • Hatchback
  • Rs. 40 (for first 2 km)+
  • Rs. 8 per km +
  • Rs. 1.25 per min
Ola Mini
  • Hatchback
  • Rs. 49 (for first 2 km)+
  • Rs. 12 per km +
  • Rs. 1 per min
Ola Sedan
  • Sedan
  • Rs. 49 (for first 2 km)+
  • Rs. 14 per km +
  • Rs. 1 per min
Ola Prime
  • To be launched.
Rs.200 off: If you are a first time user, you can get upto Rs. 200 off your first ride. Just enter our referral code ‘M5YY0V’ at the time of signup. See the message during signup for the exact amount.

Ola can be booked through the website, over phone or through the app. Except for Ola TFS, they offer advance booking.

Wish you a safe, comfortable and Happy Journey in Indore 🙂

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