Be it travel or social or any other blog that you want to create, you will need to spend money to set it up and keep it running if you are serious about it. Here are some basic costs to give you an idea before you take the plunge.

Domain Name: Rs.600 to Rs.800 per year

Your domain name is your blog’s identity. Choose it wisely and register it yourself and don’t give anyone else access to your domain name control panel. We recommend registering your domain with a provider like and hosting for some other provider (see below).

WordPress Hosting: Rs.250 to Rs.700 per month

WordPress is the most powerful blogging application out there. But you need some space on a hosting server to host your WordPress site. Hostgator WordPress Hosting is a good option. You also get email accounts in the plan.

Backup: Free to Rs. 130 per month

This is something many people forget but you need to have daily cloud based backup for your blog. Things do go wrong more often than we think. There are several plugins to help you with the same.

Other Costs:

Above costs are the bare minimum technical costs for creating a blog in India. But there might be other expenses for buying themes, content writing, buying images, getting logos etc designed, promoting your blog etc. But the good news is that initially you don’t need to spend money for that. You can and should do it yourself. Once you are popular, you should have enough money to put in all this.

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