First flight with a baby: Tips for Moms

First flight with your baby can be exciting as well as stressful at the same time. When it comes to babies, you should always be fully prepared. Flights are no exception. Here are some tips to help you prepare for a safe and peaceful first flight with your little angel.

Vacations can be fun with babies too. All you need is to plan well

‘Sssshhhh’ won’t help.
There is only one thing predictable about babies. They are definitely going to cry when you are hoping, praying, screaming and pleading that they don’t. Though you should ignore cribbing grown-ups, it makes sense to be prepared to keep your baby’s flight sobbing-free. All babies have a well-known secret calming device. It can be a pacifier, a toy, some eatable or just a funny face that you make. Be ready with that and don’t forget to use it when passengers around you are throwing WTF looks.

Mail airlines and hotel
As soon as you book your tickets (or even before that), send an e-mail to your airline and the hotel you are going to stay in. Informing them about their young guest and request them for any special instructions they have for you. There are rules on what to carry and what not to and some other guidelines that might change with countries and carriers.

Pack your bags
Pack all baby essentials that you regularly use. Now, add some more for backup. Never leave anything ‘to buy from there’. Like we said, with babies you have to be fully prepared. Extra diapers, wipes, medicines, food, favourite toys, feeding accessories etc. Don’t take things which are not important but not leave anything important behind. And hey don’t check-in essentials.

Keep time on your side
Get a good sleep the night before. Leave home early. Check in early. Last thing you should do with a baby is rushing or worse – jumping through parking, escalators, counters and gates.

Check destination climate
Open a new tab and google for weather conditions in your destination city. Pack clothes accordingly. You may also want to keep a pair in your handbag so that you can weather-proof your baby before alighting.

Dress comfortable
This one is for you too. Dress yourself and your baby comfortably so that carrying around, waiting in queues or lounges and sitting for long hours in the flight doesn’t become too uneasy to bear.

Keep phone numbers handy
Search and keep emergency numbers like (tourist) police, nearest pediatrician, ambulance etc. of your destination. Just in case. Also note down on a paper (your phone would probably be discharged by the time you reach) the number of the hotel, the person who is suppose to pick you up and your travel agent.

Use mom-sense
Don’t just blindly follow this or any other site on what and what not to do with your babies. Every baby is different and no one knows your baby better than you. Use your judgement and consult your pediatrician, if in doubt.

Happy Journey with your baby 🙂

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