Traveling with friends or family that won’t fit in a 4 passenger cabs is quite painful. We are forced to either hire two cabs or hire an Innova from a local travel agency, which is not only expensive but cumbersome to book too.

However, with the recent launch of UberSUV in Mumbai.  It lets you book a taxi for 6 passengers. And the charges are quite reasonable. Definitely much cheaper than hiring two cabs.


Rs. 13 per km, Rs. 75 base fare and Rs. 1.5 per minute. Rs. 18 per km, Rs. 125 base fare and Rs. 2 per minute.

If you are using Uber for the first time, you can get a free ride upto Rs. 250 by using the code uber4delhi (works across India) when you sign up or in the ‘Promotions’ section of the app.

How to book UberSUV in Mumbai?
UberSUV is available along with UberX, UberGo and UberBlack tabs in the app.

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