If you are planning to visit India in upcoming vacation season, never forget to spend few days at Goa. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country and is loaded with awesome natural beauty. But after several cases of murders and crime scenes; many tourists are scared of visiting this place. Well! This fear can be understood, but it is also true that when you are visiting Goa with family, it is generally safe if you follow a few simple tips.

Choose a good hotel

The very first thing you need to do is choose a nice hotel to stay. It may be little expensive, but the rundown local hotels cannot ensure you desired level of safety. Also, make sure that you know return path to your hotel; without being dependent on taxi drivers.

Rent a cab from your hotel, if possible

The best idea is to hire the hotel taxicabs for all your outdoor visits so that your travel experience can be free from any kind of trouble. You don’t even need to worry if you are a little too high; because these trusted drivers take full responsibilities to leave you at the hotel on time. Unfortunately, Goa still doesn’t have Ola or Uber services.

Stick Together

When you are traveling Goa in a group or with your family members, make sure that you all stay together during visits or keep track of each other. There is no doubt to say that the beach and bar areas in Goa stay too crowded and no one can think of any wrong happening. But when you are a tourist, you don’t know anyone around personally. So, it is better to make efforts for the safety of your family and group members first.

Do not move to isolated locations; if you are visiting Goa for the very first time, prefer to move in groups always or hire a trustworthy guide to accompany you during all your visits.

Avoid Common Traps

Girls who suddenly show interest in you, strangers who seem to know a great local place and drug sellers are big red flags in Goa. Stay away from them.

Several cases of pick-pocketing were reported in the city in the past, and many tourists have already suffered trouble due to these activities. But the government has now taken serious measures to ensure safety for tourists in the city.

However, try to wear your purse diagonally on your body. Also, do not keep more cash in your pocket or purse; you can easily find ATMs in surrounding locations, and most payments can be made with cards. If you make efforts for your own safety; you will definitely have a memorable and happy tour to Goa with family and friends.

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