In a city like Mumbai where you spend more time staring at vehicles in traffic jams than in meetings, it seems like an interesting idea to have in-cab entertainment. A new radio taxi service in Mumbai seems to have got it all right. Tab Cab offers an in-cab entertainment system that reminds you of Kingfisher’s TV Screens. Apart from the on-board entertainment, Tab-Cab takes you around the city in a luxurious Toyota Etios.

Tab-Cab Mumbai: Luxury travel in a Toyota Etios

FARES (See EDIT below)
Day Time (05:00am to 11.59pm): Rs.24 for the 1st km. Rs.17 per km thereafter. Waiting charges Rs0.50 per minute.

Night Time (00:00am to 04.59am): Rs.30 for the 1st km. Rs.21.25 per km thereafter. Waiting charges Rs0.62 per minute.

Tab-Cab Booking Phone Number: +91-22-6363 6363

Traveling to Mumbai?
In Mumbai, traffic congestion is not something that happens once in a while. In fact you are almost sure to get stuck in traffic jam every time you hit the highway. It is therefore always better to stay near the place you are planning to visit.

TabCab recently revised their fares. (Thank you Nila for the update)
Day Time (05:00am to 11.59pm): Rs.27 for the 1st km. Rs.20 per km thereafter. Waiting charges Rs.2 per minute.

Night Time (00:00am to 04.59am): Rs.33.75 for the 1st km. Rs.25 per km thereafter. Waiting charges Rs2.50 per minute.

EDIT: This is an old article and prices have since changed. Kindly check with respective providers.

Uber has also launched luxury cars in Mumbai @ Rs.17 per km. You can try Uber app for Android, iOS or Windows. Use promo code uber4delhi (works in Mumbai too) for first ride free up to Rs.250.

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  1. Dont go by this I have expereinced it.
    Sorry to say but the service offered by TAB CAB was pathetic I had Booked three cabs from Andheri to BDTS for 10th August but I received confirmation for only two after that to make it more worse 1 cab arrived on time and the other didn’t after contacting the contact center said would call back in 5 minutes but didn’t receive the call had to catch a train at 11.25 from Bandra Terminus we were 12 Passengers yet there was no sign of the second cab later at 10.45 the TABCAB representative says will arrange another cab in next 30 mins till 11 pm had no cab caught an Auto rickshaw and had to go to Borivali station because the possibility to make it to Bandra terminus before the train departing was very rare. The only thing that I received from the contact center was “please accept my apologies for the inconvenience”. But tell me what should I do by accepting the apologies I booked a CAB so that we could reach comfortably to our destination instead it turned in chaos for me your service was not only bad but pathetic did a big mistake by moving to TAB CAB instead I should have booked either MERU, EASY or Mega …….

  2. well…we do all face these issues with one or the other cab services. I have till date only have good exp with tab cab. To avoid inconvenience always book cabs with couple of radio cab services and cancel rest post first confirmation. There are no charges for cancellation.

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