Are you searching for the perfect place to enjoy few intimate moments and long hour conversations with your partner? It is good to book your tickets to Navi Mumbai in India. There are lots of amazing things for couples like sunset spots, boat rides, romantic waterfalls, and stunning parks.

If you are not able to decide your visiting spot for upcoming summer vacations; we advise you to choose some of the top-ranked tourists destinations of Navi Mumbai that are listed below:

Palm Beach Road

The long, calm and well-maintained roads that cover around 10 kilometers area is definitely the best spot for couple hangout. This road is situated at the upmarket area of Belapur and Vashi where you can find all luxurious facilities for stay and food as well. There are unlimited restaurants offering a special collection of Indian food along with many flavors from different corners of the world. Prefer to spend here some quiet moments with your partner in the evening and early morning hours.

Central Park

This park is listed among Asia’s largest parks and from past several years, it is serving as a major attraction for tourists in Navi Mumbai. The park covers the area of 80 hectares where visitors can enjoy lots of fun activities including walking trails, amusement rides, and water sports activities. Couples who love adventure in life are advised to enjoy a romantic walk at botanical gardens and other recreation areas.

Wonder Park

Bring out your inner child and enjoy some memorable moments with your sweetheart at Wonder Park in Navi Mumbai. Here you will be able to find lots of fun and adventure-rich rides. One of the most wonderful things to know about Wonder Park is its collection of replicas of world’s seven wonders. You can hang out for hours with your partner, capture pictures and share some unforgettable moments with each other. You will definitely be able to enjoy a fun day with your partner.

Aristo Spa

Those who are planning to relax and unwind with their partner by taking a break from over hectic work schedule are advised to spend few hours at Aristo Spa and enjoy couple massage session. This stress-free zone will help you to enjoy a perfect date with your partner while enjoying a rejuvenating spa experience. This yoga massage will definitely recharge you to move back to your routines with more energy.

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