Pune’s Favorite Places to Eat Out.

Over the years, Pune has grown not only in terms of area but also in terms of the kind of cuisine which Puneites prefer. These days, Puneites are no longer sticking to the old, boring and conventional eating out options- opting instead to experiment. The supply for this kind of demand has also cropped up. Here are a few places you can try out for a fun night out:

The Hidden Place

In Koregaon Park, the Hidden Place is one of the most frequented bars by the Puneites. It has two levels, a great ambience and really good music. What is even better about the Hidden Place is the cheap alcohol. The beer-pints, or kegs, is extremely cheap when compared to other pubs in Pune. The loud rock music and the food really make for a great pub. The Hidden Place is a must try.


Also in Koregaon Park, Dario’s is the most preferred Italian food joint in the city. Pure vegetarian Italian food has never tasted so good. It is slightly on the expensive side, but totally worth it. Their spaghetti and lasagna are especially mouthwatering. Dario’s works out to be a great place for lunch.

Malakka Spice

If you are looking for a South East Asian option, Malakka Spice is the best you can get in Pune. The ambience is great with an outdoor area as well as an indoor area. They also exhibit some art at the entrance. Their Tom Yum soup is the best that I have tasted outside of Thailand and the memory of the Singaporean Chilli Crab still makes my mouth water. For a relaxed lunch out, maybe with a few colleagues- Malakka Spice is an ideal location.


Prem’s is the best place for a dinner in Pune if you feel like fine dining and don’t want to spend like fine dining in Pune. The food is interesting and delicious. The alcohol menu is long and varied and the ambience is that of a relaxed evening. If at Prem’s the best cuisine to choose would be their continental variety. Their desserts are also quite great- all this without much of a pinch to your pocket.

11 East Street

Famous for its very interesting choice of décor, 11 East Street or East Street Café was an instant favorite amongst Pune’s youth. Their buffet options are especially great value for money. The seating outside is the most fun and food is great in terms of its variety and taste. 11 East Street is a lunch buffet place, or the late evening hang-out in Camp.

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