Rural Tourism and India

Rural Tourism in India: A long way to go...

Fields, scarecrows, chirping birds, most innovative home-made machines, nature in abundance, fresh air and almost zero crime rate. Sounds like a perfect place for a vacation and lots of pictures. Isn’t it? But unfortunately for Rural India, the only tourists known are Government Health Centre Workers, Survey Professionals and Marketing companies doing there research to gain a larger share at the bottom of the pyramid.

The concept of Rural Tourism in India seems to have never really gained mainstream popularity. It could be poor infrastructure, fear of the unknown or lack of information that never let holiday tourists explore the idea of Rural Tourism. However, a little preparation can easily let you explore this wonderful form of tourism where you get to not only relax but also learn a lot about Indian traditions, culture and ways to lead a simple life. Agriculture being the major occupation in India, you will never fall short of nature around you too.

Next time you plan a holiday, try finding a village nearby. Happy Journey!

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