Safe drinking water is something you will not even worry about when you travel to several countries. Unfortunately, that’s not the case with India. For starters, don’t even think about drinking tap water in India. No one does. Even locals don’t drink from tap and use water purifiers at home.

Thankfully, you can easily buy bottled water in any town or city across India. Here are the 3 bottled water brands in India that are considered the safest.

  1. Bisleri: One of the oldest and most trusted bottled water company.
  2. Kinley: Owned by Coca-Cola, Kinley is another safe bottled water brand.
  3. Aquafina: This one is from the house of Pepsi. Don’t worry, water isn’t that sweet 😛

There are a lot of unsafe bottled water brands available in India, most of them not even approved by the Government. So it’s advisable to stick to these 3 brands and avoid others. (even though there are a few more genuine brands).

  • Buy from permanent stores that look decent. Avoid buying from roadside sellers and kiosks.
  • Check the seal of the bottle when you buy.
  • Do not fall for shopkeeper’s advice. If they are pushing for any particular brand then either they don’t have the other one in stock or they get higher profits on the one they are pushing for.

And keep drinking lots of water. Happy Journey 🙂

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