Traveling with your dog? Read this…

Going for a picnic or some short vacation can be fun with your lovely dog. However, traveling with a dog can be tricky at times. Here are some simple tips to keep your trip trouble-free while traveling with your puppy.

1. Make your dog car-friendly. Get your dog used to riding in the car by taking him on short trips often. Regularly take your dog places like dog parks, fast food drive throughs (bribe him with some meat bits) etc. You want him to think that trips in a car are fun and not always end at vet’s clinic.

2. If your dog tends to get car-sick, don’t feed him for some time prior to the trip. Having your dog travel with an empty stomach will help prevent car sickness.

3. Bring plenty of water (and his water dish) along and feed him water at regular intervals. Dogs are more comfortable with home water as water outside tends to taste or smell differently, which your dog might refuse to drink.

4. Don’t forget to pack your dog’s bag. Carry dog’s food, treats, favorite bed and toys. If your dog uses a crate, bring that along too or get a foldable crate if required.

5. Don’t make your dog peep out of the window barking at strangers. It causes inconvenience to others and can be risky for the dog too.

6. Make the journey comfortable. Some dogs like to sit or lay on the seat, so bring a blanket to protect the upholstery. Other dogs may need to be kept in a crate in the car. Ensure that the crate doesn’t slide around and scare the helpless dog while driving. You can also purchase dog seat belts to keep your dog safe while in the car.

7. Make a stop every few hours to walk your dog and give him some water. Some dogs get frightened by noisy vehicles so try walking in a quiet area. Be a good citizen and bring plastic bags along to pick up the mess.

8. If your dog is anxious about staying in a hotel or strange house at your destination, he might not eat or drink. Play with him and surround him with familiar toys and stuff you are carrying. You don’t want him to get dehydrated, so be sure to get him to drink water anyhow. You can mix chicken broth or gravy into the water. That will usually get him to lap it right up. You can mix chicken broth or gravy into the food too.

The first trip tends be the hardest, because your dog will not realize that you are coming back. But if the first trip is a pleasant one, your dog will be equally enthusiastic about traveling in future as you tend to be!

Happy Journey! Bow Wow… 😉

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