Raipur is a unique city. It still has an old world small town charm and at the same time development, malls and naya Raipur gives it a big city feel.

Raipur is famous for many things. Here are our favourite 5.

1. Angakar Roti

It’s a roti. But it’s not just a roti. You have to taste it to know why. Though it is made with rice flour, it’s very different from the rice chapatis in other states. There are many places that serve Angakar Roti including Zone by The Park. You can also head to the famous Gadh Kalewa to try some local cuisine.

Angakar Roti. Image source: Themagicsaucepan.com

2. Raipur Marine Drive

A small lake, street food, and a boulevard to walk. Raipur Marine Drive in Telibandha is a great place to spend your evenings.

Raipur Marine Drive Skyline. A popular place with locals.

3. Chattisgarh Hatt

Explore the various tribal and other popular handicrafts of Chattisgarh at Chattisgarh Haat in Raipur. Even though there are a few permanent shops here, it’s advisable to first call and enquire about regular melas that happen here.

4. Ambuja Mall

Ambuja Mall might not be a very different or unique place to shop. Just like any other mall you can find big stores, small shops, kiosks, kids activities, spas and restaurants here. However, what makes Ambuja Mall unique is its architecture. Open, spacious and uniquely designed. Worth a visit for sure.

5. Naya Raipur

It will take time for Naya Raipur to become a happening residential and commercial destination. However, it’s already a happening tourist place. Jungle safaris, lakeside restaurants, swanky BRTS bus stops, Naya Raipur is a good drive. It’s better to plan in a way so that you return early. Gets pretty deserted at night.

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