An untouched beach paradise near Mumbai

Along the coast of Konkan lies a virgin beach called Diveagar. Famous for the Ganpati temple at the heart of the village, Diveagar is perfect for a getaway to the beach. It has none of the glamour and fun which Goa promises, but as a quaint little village it has its own charm.

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About 170 kilometers from Mumbai and 200 kilometers from Pune, Diveagar is easily accessible via a road journey of not more than 4 to 5 hours. Instead of choosing a resort to stay, I would personally recommend letting out rooms from one of the many guest houses which clutter Diveagar. The guest houses not only provide a decent option for living, but they also provide great homemade (sea) food. The people are extremely helpful and the prices are decent.

Diveagar is heaven for the sea food lover. Every guest house is famous for serving for a particular kind of food, and one only needs to ask around to figure out the best places to eat. All types of fish, fresh of the sea are available. Diveagar has a variety of options for vegetarians as well. Being home to the Ganpati temple, has given rise to some phenomenal modaks here.

The best part about Diveagar is its untouched beauty. Soft white sand, and clean sea water are things which a Bombayite can never imagine- and yet, there it is. Diveagar is the best place to soak in some sun and lie on the beach undisturbed. The crowd here is mostly local, and a little more conservative- so don’t pack your bikini. This is a real beach, with none of commercial stuff which taints Goa- making it almost like paradise for those enjoy a little peace of mind.

Also close to Diveagar, is Harihareshwar- another beach which is best known for its Shiva temple. Harihareshwar gets a lot more crowd than Diveagar because of this temple. The temple is right by the sea, making it a superb place to watch the ways from afar. Other than that, Harihareshwar is a lot like Diveagar, just a little unclean. From here, one can also take a ferry to the Janjeera fort ruin, which is bang in the middle of the sea. While on the way, keep a lookout for dolphins who frequently surface to check out the tourists around here.

The true gem lies on the way to Harihareshwar from Diveagar. The road snakes along the coastline and a pristine otherworldly beach called “Walwati” is seen. There is not a single soul on this beach at most times, as it is not as famous as its counterparts. Once you have been here, you will never forget it.
The next time you want a beach vacation, give Konkan a try. Guaranteed peace of mind, white beaches, blue-green water and throw in some coconut water to sip on- you will never want to leave.

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