Pune as a city is very rooted to its culture. With a part of the city which is more or less free from cosmopolitan influences, Pune’s culture and traditions have been very well maintained. A few restaurants form an integral part of this ethos. Worshipped by their customers, any Punekar will swear by these.

Krishna Dining Hall

Famous for its traditional shudh shakahari Marathi thaalis, Krishna Dining Hall is a popular destination for people of all age groups looking for a delicious but simple meal. Located in the prime area (Law College Road), Krishna Dining Hall focuses mainly on providing true Maharashtrian food. Granted sometimes they spice it up with a little Gujarati food as well, but by and large the cuisine remains Maharashtrian. With a strict thaali system, Krishna Dining Hall gives you the opportunity to experience a Marathi meal served as it would be at weddings. Of course there is the usual variety of vegetables and daal, but what really makes this place special is the mirchi thecha and shrikhand.

indian food in pune


Vaishali is a legendary South Indian hotel which has been loved and patronized by Punekars for generations now. On a Sunday morning you can see college goers, young couples and morning-walking uncles all enjoying the incredibly tasty dosas and idlis. The prices are a little steeper than what is generally expected out of a South Indian restaurant, but the prices haven’t affected the demand for the food even a little bit. The ambience here is bustling and full of energy.


Nisarg is heaven when craving for some Konkani or Malwani sea food head straight to the sea food destination of Pune. Nisarg has been a favorite amongst the Punekars for a long time, and will remain so (if the crab still tastes as good) for a long time to come. Slightly on the expensive side, Nisarg gives you an opportunity to taste the fish as it would have tasted on the coast.

Purepur Kolhapur

As the name suggests, Purepur Kolhapur will take you closest to Kolhapuri cuisine. Their mutton and chicken thaalis and kheema with taambda rassa (red gravy) and paandhra rassa (white gravy) have won many Punekar hearts. So much so, that Purepur Kolhapur has visibly expanded with many more branches, thus bringing their cuisine closer to more people.

Good Luck Cafe

Although Good Luck may not seem as sophisticated as the others, it has its own charm. Famous far and wide (by that I mean all over Pune) for its spicy kheema- paav, Good Luck is still the preferred option for many college students and food lovers. It is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner and draws hundreds of people every day. Good Luck is your best option cheap, quick and awesome meal.

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