Authentic Pan-Asian Buffet at Colaba, Mumbai

What makes Asian food stand out from the rest of the world is the perfect use of spices. In regular Indian restaurants it might be overdone, but pan-asian restaurants generally manage to get it right. However, there is a difference between regular asian food and cooked to perfection, authentic pan-asian food. Busaba at Colaba is one such place that will not disappoint you.

Salt & Pepper Chicken with Sushi at Busaba Colaba
Just a few steps away from the LeoPold Cafe, Busaba probably offers the best Asian food in Mumbai. Split into two levels, the ground level is a lounge area whereas the first level looks more like a fine-dining place. The restaurant that became famous for Burmese Kaukswe, serves some amazing delicacies from Vietnam, Burma, Korea and Thailand.

Apart from a la carte, Busaba offers a set menu known as ‘Unlimited Busa’. You get to enjoy several pan-asian cuisines for just Rs.600 (inclusive of taxes), Monday to Friday. Although, the food menu is set, you can eat as much as you want. Interestingly, they have a separate set menu for all 5 days. We personally loved starters much more than the main course.

The dessert was served half-heartedly and the taste was equally disappointing. And if that was not enough, the quantity was so less that I thought it’s a tester. Not the best way to finish such a lovely meal.

They also have Sunday Brunch, which we haven’t tried yet. But we have got the menu for you.

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