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What makes Asian food stand out from the rest of the world is the perfect use of spices. In regular Indian restaurants it might be overdone, but pan-asian restaurants generally manage to get it right. However, there is a difference between regular asian food and cooked to perfection, authentic pan-asian food. Busaba at Colaba is one such place that will not disappoint you.

Salt & Pepper Chicken with Sushi at Busaba Colaba

Just a few steps away from the LeoPold Cafe, Busaba probably offers the best Asian food in Mumbai. Split into two levels, the ground level is a lounge area whereas the first level looks more like a fine-dining place. The restaurant that became famous for Burmese Kaukswe, serves some amazing delicacies from Vietnam, Burma, Korea and Thailand.

Apart from a la carte, Busaba offers a set menu known as ‘Unlimited Busa’. You get to enjoy several pan-asian cuisines for just Rs.600 (inclusive of taxes), Monday to Friday. Although, the food menu is set, you can eat as much as you want. Interestingly, they have a separate set menu for all 5 days. We personally loved starters much more than the main course.

The dessert was served half-heartedly and the taste was equally disappointing. And if that was not enough, the quantity was so less that I thought it’s a tester. Not the best way to finish such a lovely meal.

They also have Sunday Brunch, which we haven’t tried yet. But we have got the menu for you.